Chapter 37 ~ Syracuse, New York




Brothers and Sisters, AHEPAENS and Parishioners, although the pandemic still is with us, we have a lot to be thankful for.  Our goal is to keep in touch with each other and one way to do that is by virtual meetings.  Can we imagine a pandemic as the COVID Virus without internet, computers and smart phones?  Let us use the modern technology to keep us informed and connected as much as our time allows.                                                                                               

Last Sunday as many of you I attended our virtual Divine Liturgy which is not 100% the same as attending in person but it did suffice under the circumstances.  The AHEPA meetings virtual or not are open to the entire Parish.   

Our chapter’s AHEPA Home provides quality affordable housing to senior citizens, our foundation supports worthy local organizations, who are not for profit, to help needy individuals and families, and our chapter promotes many good causes such as Hellenism, our Faith, Family Excellence and much more.  So please join us on November 21st from your computer or cell phone and let us celebrate Thanksgiving. Let us set, at our dinner table, a place for the ones we have lost and give our thanks to God.                                             

If you would like to subscribe to the AHEPA Chapter 37 e-news just e-mail your full name and e-mail address and we will be glad to keep you up to date with our meetings and projects.  Once we have your e-mail address you will be able to join our meetings, whenever you are available, by clicking on the link provided with the e-mail we will be sending to you.                  


We thank you for your support and best wishes.

Michael Labatos, President                                                                                       

AHEPA Syracuse Chapter 37                                                                   

(315) 427-7628