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Attention Seniors! 

Do not forget to request your Scholarship Application.

One application covers three (3) available Scholarships: Philoptochos, St. Sophia and Armatas Scholarships

Requesting Application:

  • Call the church office and Katina will mail eligible candidates the applications, or if you provide her with an email address she can email the application. You may also download the application form the church website,
  • In addition you can send an email to lsteinberg@signaltg.comto request the application.
  • School record information and recommendation letters can be email directly to lsteinberg@signaltg.comor mailed to the church.  One of the requirements is a recommendation from Father David.  Please have Father David send it directly to Liz Steinberg.
  • The application and other required documents must be received on or before Friday, June 4th by 5:00 pm. If not physically received by the specified date and time, the applications will not be accepted. 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a member of St. Sophia Church.
  • Parent or guardian must be parishioner in good standing, having paid in full, the stewardship of the previous year and submitted current year stewardship pledge card.
  • Student must be a matriculated full-time high school senior.
  • Post-graduation plans must be for a full-time program of study in a two year or four year accredited vocational school, college or university.


Application requirements are outlined in the application.  Please follow instructions carefully. Scholarship evaluation will equally consider high school achievements, church involvement and the essay.  Scholarships will be presented during the latter half of June, date to be determined. Any questions, please contact Liz Steinberg.


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Philoptochos women of all ages are driven by faith and fellowship to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our own local community and communities around the nation and the world to advance the common good.

Membership Dues are $25.00 annually.


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