Sunday School

January News

Hope everyone had a safe and joyous Christmas holiday.  Going into 2021, we are all looking forward to a more healthy and happy New Year.  Sunday School will continue with our current program of our monthly children sermons and associated activities.  For January, we are scheduling our Children’s sermon on January 17th.  Father David will focus the children’s sermon on the Samaritan woman who Jesus met at the well.  Samaritans lived in Samaria which was a region north of Jerusalem between Judea and Galilee. The Samaritans were a mixed race and traditional enemies of the Jewish people. While they worshiped the God of Israel they were different.

Happy to see the on-line attendance of these sermons as well as for the families who do come and participate at church.  Activities to follow the sermon.  I will also be following up with 7-12 grade students regarding the Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival. I will first check with the Metropolis to see if we will be moving forward with the program.

In the meantime, I encourage new families and/or families with pre-school children, if you have not registered for Sunday School please reach out to me.  In addition, I welcome any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve on our religious education program.

Liz Steinberg

Sunday School Director