Sunday School

November classes will be held starting immediately after Communion and end at 11:45 am.  Classes will be held on November 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th.  Please note on December 1st, all students will remain in church.

On November 10th we will have members of our local YAL (Young Adult League) connect with our high school group during their class time.  We welcome having this wonderful group contributing their time to work with our students.


On November 24th, we will have Liamna work with our 7 to 12 graders on the Greek hymns we sing for our Christmas Play:  Simeron Tis Sotirias, I Parthenos Simeron, and I Genisis Sou.  In December, Liamna will work with these classes on December 8th, December 14th Christmas play rehearsal and during the Christmas Play.   In addition, we will be working on our Christmas cast list in November.  Pre-K- 2nd grades will be little angels, shepherds, sheep and other Christmas animals.  3rd to 8th grade will have roles assigned.


If you have not filled out a registration form, please do.  Forms are on the table in the foyer opposite the bookstore. Sunday School Calendar is also available next to the registration form.


We still need to add people to our 7th /8th grade teaching team.  If you can be available once a month or every other month, we would appreciate your involvement.