Sunday School

November News

In October we began our monthly Children’s Sermon.  Every month we will have a theme related to the monthly sermon.  For October, the theme was The Divine Liturgy. From that sermon, I am sending out activities to all my families that are on my Sunday School Mailing list.  So, if you are not on my group email list please notify me at or call me at (315) 447-4445. There will be activities for all grade levels – Pre-K thru high school.  We will be building on this theme to explore the various avenues we have to learn about our Orthodoxy and how to take that knowledge and apply it to our daily lives.

For November, the Children’s Seminar will take place on November 15th—the start of Advent.  Father David will be discussing the Tree of Jesse—the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

Since the 11th century, the Tree of Jesse has been portrayed in manuscript illuminations, wall paintings, woodcarvings and stone, including tombstones, stained-glass windows, floor tiles and embroidery. Jesse is usually shown lying down with a tree rising from his body. The ancestors of Christ are portrayed in the tree’s branches, with the prophets and Christ at the top.

The activity will be creating The Jesse Tree in your home.  A fun activity for the entire family.  We will provide instructions and ideas.

Also, I am keeping in touch with our Sunday School teachers.  As of this writing – working ideas out on how we can best support them with their religious education. For the time being, we cannot meet at the Church, but where there is a will there is a way!  It is critical that we keep in touch with each other and take time to remember and practice Christ’s teaching. This will give us the strength to preserve through this crisis as a community.


Yours in Christ,

Liz Steinberg

Sunday School Director